The story behind storywise

On a mission to empower both purchasers & contractors

storywise was created by ireo GmbH. Our team at ireo recognized a gap in the market when it came to software procurement bidding procedures - a gap that neither traditional project management tools nor requirements engineering tools could fill well.

Therefore, motivated by the potential to refine the process, our team created storywise. Our unique platform not only streamlines the bidding phase, but also offers a more efficient way to secure contracts, providing significant benefits for all software firms.

ireo is fully self-financed, supported by multiple funding programs provided by FFG and AWS. Its core was developed by the team of, supervised by ireo's founders and supplemented by helpful contributions from deveolpers at Axtesys GmbH. While the conception and development of storywise already started in 2021, the company ireo GmbH was finally founded in 2022.

Our software is the result of many years of experience and contains many insights and lessons learnt from our founder's own product management and customer specific software development efforts, and is suitable for many different inquiries. We use it by ourself - every single day! - and since we have developed a low tolerance for frustration when it comes to software through the years, our own software must be well-functioning and quick to use.

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