Software specifications
are incomprehensible
and incomparable

Accelerate requirements writing and provide precise proposals, avoiding extra work and ensuring more clarity in development

Watch me transform a text into a specification document - in less than 2 minutes.

Save time and write comprehensible software requirements

Creating software requirements is time-consuming and therefore often not done correctly. Ambiguities in requirements lead to project delays and costly rework. streamlines the process, reduces errors, and helps create clear, comprehensive requirements - designed not to replace but to empower traditional project management tools.

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Empowering requirement engineers

Our AI creates your offer storywise...

Our wizard (powered by real magic™) helps you to identify entities and personas - and proposes user stories for each sentence of the original text. And the best thing is: It really works and helps you to make the first step faster.

...and proposes missing stories!

Our AI analyses your stories and proposes additional stories, that you might have missed, based on the existing stories.

It will keep a version of every document…

Start a new revision and compare the versions visually, restore old elements and create read-only specifications.

... structure your specification ...

Structuring data is easy now, allowing you to calculate robust totals, to group tasks and stories together and to communicate the correct acceptance criterias in a breeze.

... and quickly generate comprehensive documentation.

The export format is highly configurable and creates understanding for the work needed to finish the project. It's simply impressive to see this document, believe us!
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AI or requirements engineers?

AI won't replace requirements engineers. Its a challenging role at the heart of every project initiation. But generating well-structured and comprehensible requirements is tedious and time-consuming.
assists you and saves up to 60% of your time!

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