It works without AI

The AI can be switched off, although it is helpful and can be a great speedup. The real benefit is the structure and the speed granted by the specialised UI.

Effective as It Is

Even without the AI, storywise works perfectly well. It simplifies the bidding and specification process with its intuitive design and user-friendly interface.

Designed for Software specifications

Built with the requirement engineering process in mind, the software excels in helping you create clear, efficient software project proposals - no AI necessary.

Better Communication

The platform, even without AI, facilitates superior communication among all stakeholders. It's all about keeping things clear and preventing misunderstandings.

Compliance ready

If you use storywise in the cloud or on premises - you can switch the AI - if existing - to your own inference endpoint or disable all external AI features. This way you can keep full control over your data.

Free forever
Für kleine Projekte wird immer gratis bleiben. Details findest du