Link Stories to Features

With storywise, it's possible to link stories to features. This powerful capability allows you to visualize and track the impact of each feature on the overall project.

Effort Evaluation and Comparison

Through our structured data approach, you can switch features on and off to see the changes in the effort required. Consequently, this gives you a clear understanding of how the price is affected by each feature.

Respect Differing Evaluations

The weight of stories could be evaluated differently by different agencies. storywise allows for these variances, giving you a more comprehensive comparison of offers.

Identifying 'Nice-to-Have' Features

This feature allows software companies to give an overview of features that may be 'nice but not needed'. It aids in maintaining a lean and efficient development process.

Evaluate Choices Better

Buyers can better evaluate their choices with this functionality. It empowers you to make informed decisions based on real-time data and comparisons.

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