Your Data Is In Safe Hands

At storywise, we prioritize the safety and security of your data above all else. We've implemented robust safeguards to protect your data from unauthorized access or misuse.

We use safe endpoints in the eu

At the moment, we do not use our own model. The performance of the newer models of OpenAI are just too good, so we use them at the moment. We use our own private endpoint, hosted by azure in central europe. This is 100% GDPR compliant, as no data is saved anywhere but in storywise itself, where just the manually accepted stories are saved, everything else is discarded.

No AI Training on Your Data

We respect your data privacy. We will not use your data for AI training unless you're using our free tier services or have provided us with explicit written consent. Your data is your own, and we respect that. We are training our own model to further improve the results, our resilience and our data protection - by enabling full on-premises hosting.

Uncompromised Data Protection and Privacy

These features, along with others mentioned earlier, ensure that we maintain the highest standards of data protection and privacy at storywise. It's part of our commitment to giving you a secure, reliable, and trustworthy platform for your software development projects.

Transparent Security Guidelines

We believe in transparency and trust. That's why we've made our security guidelines available to you. Although they are only available in German at the moment, you can download and review them anytime.

Free forever
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