The Secret Sauce for Requirements Engineers

Revolutionizing Efficiency in Requirements Specification and Documentation

Enhanced Speed

Leverage the specialized user-interface designed for speed in creating and defining software. storywise allows for rapid creation of software requirements, enabling more efficient use of your time.

User Story Wizard

Enjoy the convenience of our automated user story wizard that articulates clear, coherent user stories from your requirements text. This functionality eases the burden of manually crafting user stories, and supports clarity in project scope.

Perfect Traceability

Increase confidence and transparency with perfect traceability of requirements. Each requirement is linkable to an original sentence provided by the customer, facilitating better management and accountability for project expectations.

Highly Customizable Output Documents

Deliver professional and beautifully designed specification documents that can be easily customized in Word. The storywise platform supports the creation of highly individualized output documents that truly represent the project's requirements and your personal touch.

Project Management Tool Integration

Seamlessly integrate the requirements documented on storywise with your preferred Project Management tools. This facilitates easy export or synchronization of your requirements documentation for improved project tracking and management.

Streamlined Communication

Enjoy smooth communication throughout the bidding process. storywise helps address queries or clarifications on requirements promptly, minimizing misunderstandings and ensuring contractors understand the project expectations accurately.

Reduced Scope Creep

Minimize project scope creeps with the clear definition of project requirements. storywise's structured approach contributes in aligning project expectations and deliverables, ensuring project success.

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