Service Level Agreement

SLA of the Software storywise

Storywise Service Level Agreement 1. Service Level Commitment For Storywise, we commit to providing the following monthly uptime percentage to our customers with an Enterprise license plan: 99.95% 2. Eligibility for Uptime Assurance Credits To qualify for an uptime assurance credit following a failure by Storywise to meet the Service Level Commitment, the Customer must send an email with comprehensive details within 30 days after the incident occurred and provide any other reasonably requested information or documentation. The monitoring and logging tools used by Storywise serve as the ultimate reference for determining whether the Service Level Commitment has been fulfilled. 3. Issuance of Credits If Storywise verifies a failure to meet the Service Level Commitment, we will apply the Uptime Assurance Credit, which will be calculated as indicated in 6., against a future payment due from the Customer for the affected Storywise service, provided that the Customer's account is settled without any late payments or disputes. Uptime Assurance Credits hold no cash value and won't be refunded if left unused. These credits cannot be transferred or applied to any other account or service with Storywise. The total Uptime Assurance Credit count applied to an invoice will not surpass 100% of the value invoiced for the affected Storywise service during that invoice's billing period. 4. Exclusivity Uptime Assurance Credits represent the only recourse for the Customer—and the sole liability for Storywise—in the event of any failure to maintain the Service Level Commitment. 5. Exclusions The Customer forfeits entitlement to Uptime Assurance Credits if they are in violation of the Agreement or have not provisioned the relevant Storywise service. The Service Level Commitment does not include unavailability due to: (a) unauthorized use of Storywise by the Customer; (b) force majeure events or any other factors out of Storywise's control, including issues with Internet access; (c) the Customer's equipment, software, network connections, or other infrastructure; (d) the Customer's data or materials; (e) third-party products; or (f) routine scheduled maintenance or reasonable emergency maintenance, in accordance with the Storywise Maintenance Policy. The Service Level Commitment does not apply to beta environments or self-hosting and only for features covered by the enterprise license (not for any additional services). 6. Calculation For cloud products covered under the Enterprise Plan, we have a structured scale for compensating our customers in the event that the Service Level Commitment isn't met. This comes in the form of Uptime Assurance Credits, calculated as a percentage of the monthly fees attributed to the affected product: 1. Should the Monthly Uptime Percentage fall below 99.95% but remain greater than or equivalent to 99.0%, customers will receive a Uptime Assurance Credit equivalent to 10% of their monthly fees. 3. In cases where the Monthly Uptime Percentage is less than 99.0% but greater than or equivalent to 97.0%, the Uptime Assurance Credit increases to 25% of the monthly fees. 4. Lastly, should the Monthly Uptime Percentage go below 97.0%, customers will be credited with an Uptime Assurance Credit equivalent to 50% of their monthly fees. This structure is designed to ensure fairness and offer compensation to our valued customers, in alignment with the severity of downtime experienced.

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