The team

The people working on this project are either directly employed by the company, and some are commissioned to help out because of their special talents and specializations, in order to achieve the best possible result.

Here you can find our founding & management team:

  • Simon A. T. Jiménez

    Founder / CEO I have been self-employed in software development for nearly 20 years now and have already written thousands of pages of requirements. In doing so, I've noticed how much better offers function when they don't just cover the bare minimum and are 2-3 pages long, but instead detail everything, and how much easier everyone involved finds the progress of the project becomes, as it is easier to follow the status. As a result of a huge project that was awarded to someone else who sold cheaply and then bungled the work, I've made it my task to make software offers comparable, to make such situations less common, and in Andreas and Angelika, I've found motivated allies.
  • Andreas Schüppel

    Co-Founder I've been dealing with standards for a long time, coupled with 15 years of project management experience, and in recent years I've written several requirements for software projects. I have a very analytical and precise method, and am good at designing projects. My vision is to empower software buyers to make an informed decision about what they will buy and how much it will really cost them.
  • Angelika Weber

    Co-Founder The first step of digitalization is the requirement analysis. Requirements engineering is the perfect symbiosis of all things that fascinate me - analysis, processes, structure, design, and efficiency. My vision is to elevate software development from its infancy by standardizing the specifications. This makes both my customers happy, because they get what they need, as well as the implementation team, because they can work well on this basis.

The software is created by these wonderful individuals:

In alphabetical order

  • Anna

    Marketing & Backoffice
  • Chris

    Fullstack & AI Stuff
  • Christian

    Fullstack & AI Stuff
  • Christin

  • Christoph

    Everything in the Back-end
  • Cookie

    Code Inspector
  • Fabian

    Auth, PDF Export and Zapier
  • Guntur

    Privacy AI
  • Heidi

  • Ina

  • Jan

    Realtime Synchronization Stuff
  • Johannes

    Front-end Support
  • Jovan

    Export & other Back-end Stuff
  • Julian

    Canvas & other Front-end Stuff
  • Konstantin

    Fullstack Developer
  • Laura

    Texts & Translations
  • Lisa

    Manual QA
  • Markus

    Server & CI/CD
  • Mathias

    UI/UX Designer
  • Matthias

    FE Synchro & AI Integration
  • Mattis

    Auth, BE Synchro & API
  • Max

    Comparison & Code Puzzles
  • Michael

    AI Stuff
  • Neil

    Everything Front-end
  • Otto

    Server & CI/CD
  • Patrick S.

    Fullstack Developer
  • Patrick H.

    Front-end magician
  • Paul

    Concept & Consulting
  • Robert

    AI Stuff
  • Simon

    AI Stuff
  • Sofia

    Automated QA & Product Owner
  • Steffi

    Everything Front-end
  • Thomas

    Server support
  • Viola

    Administrative Department