On Premises & Own AI Endpoint

Use your own AI Endpoints or host storywise on your own hardware - we will find a solution.

Structured Approach

's main feature is its ability to create everything in a well-structured manner. This doesn't only mean efficient bidding, but also a smooth handover to project management tools. Therefore, it works perfectly well without any AI at all.

Customizable AI Functionality

Take control of your technology with 's flexible AI configuration. Bring your own API key for Azure inference endpoints, customize to meet your needs, and maximize the benefits of AI in your bidding process. Please note that we currently only offer this for customers in the enterprice license.

Tailored Compliance Measures

provides all users with the flexibility to switch off the AI usage completely if needed for compliance or other reasons, allowing you to ensure regulatory compliance without compromising on functionality. This functionality is offered on organization and project level, allowing you to switch if off for single projects only, if needed.

Enterprise Control and Security

The enterprise license of offers enhanced control and security. Use the software on premises for increased data security and benefit from the flexibility to adjust AI usage to align with your company policies and regulatory requirements.

Free for small projects
is free for projects up to 100 stories