Generate new stories The AI can create new stories, to help you think of possible other (un-)wanted features.
Structured Data Storage Information and data are stored in a structured manner, which significantly facilitates data search and…
(upcoming) Story Mapping An overview in the style of story mapping provides a clear view of the project's progress and structure.
Library Tasks, Stories or whole Epics can be saved in the library and reused with a few clicks.
JIRA-Integration We synch your tasks from storywise into JIRA - directly with the API or per import file.
Export to JIRA With storywise, the transition from project kick-off to actual development has never been smoother.…
Glossary (upcoming) Create a glossary of Personas, Entities and their synonyms to reduce confusion!
ReqIF-Integration We can import and export ReqIF! Load legacy projects or export from storywise for other software.
Document Versioning Specifications can be duplicated into new versions, closed for change, branched and compared.
Benefits of using storywise
Time Saving The software allows you to write user stories faster, which can shorten the overall development time.
Cost Management Clarity about the costs of individual software parts can help make more efficient budget decisions and…
Free for small projects
is free for projects up to 100 stories