(upcoming) Generate Database-Models

Let the AI create a database model for you - that you can edit right in storywise.

We're excited to announce that these groundbreaking features will be fully implemented by the end of 2024. We are eagerly looking forward to providing these innovative tools, designed to revolutionize the way you manage and develop software. Stay tuned for these incredible advancements that will further streamline your software specification process and enhance the overall quality of your projects!

AI-Driven Database Scheme Drafting

Taking into account the entities defined by the user and the relations between those as described by user stories, uses another AI system to generate a proposal for a database scheme. It includes suggestions for data fields, relations, and type definitions, providing a solid starting point for your database design.

Seamless Integration with User Story Creation

This database scheme drafting feature works hand in hand with the user story creation process. As you define entities and relationships in your user stories, the AI uses this information to suggest an appropriate database scheme. This integration introduces cohesion to your software planning process.

User-Friendly Visual Editor

presents these AI-generated database schemes in a user-friendly visual editor. Users can easily view and edit the draft scheme, providing an intuitive and efficient way to design and optimize the database schema.

Free for small projects
is free for projects up to 100 stories