Generate new stories

The AI can create new stories, to help you think of possible other (un-)wanted features.

Proactive Feature Suggestion

also uses AI technology to suggest additional stories that might have been forgotten or overlooked, based on user stories that are already included in your specification. These proposals also lead to considerations of important features not included in the customer's description early in the planning process, instead of running into trouble caused by the need of complicated additions later on.

Exclusion Awareness

The AI not only proposes stories that you might want to include, but also those that you might want to deliberately exclude. By being aware of these potential stories, their exclusion can be documented explicitely, preventing any future confusion.

Enhanced Mutual Understanding

By presenting a more comprehensive picture of what the final product will look like, aids in fostering a more precise mutual understanding between purchasing agents and engineers. Furthermore, it results in better-aligned expectations and a smoother development process.

Free for small projects
is free for projects up to 100 stories