Export to word and pdf

storywise allows for deep individualization through user-customizable Word templates.

Customizable Word Export

One of the benefits of is its ability to allow users to customize their Word document outputs. Its simple template language enables users to effortlessly navigate data structures. You can loop over epics or display various elements, such as screen pictures. This allows users to produce documents that fit their specific needs.

Conditional Output in Word Export

In addition to customization, supports conditionally based output in Word documents. It is possible to define conditions, under which certain parts of the text are included in the output. For instance, text can be configured to only appear when no comments exist.

Direct PDF Export

also provides a feature for direct PDF exports. This feature takes into account any customization done in the platform and accurately converts it into a PDF format. This eliminates the need for a separate conversion step, simplifying the process.

Integration with Project Management Tools

When a project begins, all the data associated with it can be directly synchronized into a project management tool, such as Jira. This ensures all the vital information - estimated time, pictures, description, acceptance criteria - is carried over, providing a clear roadmap for developers as they set about accomplishing their tasks. This streamlined process minimizes loss of information and enhances project efficiency.

Free for small projects
is free for projects up to 100 stories