(upcoming) Create a glossary of Personas, Entities and their synonyms to reduce confusion!

We're excited to announce that these groundbreaking features will be fully implemented by the end of 2024. We are eagerly looking forward to providing these innovative tools, designed to revolutionize the way you manage and develop software. Stay tuned for these incredible advancements that will further streamline your software specification process and enhance the overall quality of your projects!

Avoid Unspecified Features

It is usual for teams to develop features that were not required due to confusion between terms. The glossary helps to avoid this scenario by creating a single source of truth for terms and their meanings. By knowing exactly what each term or persona represents, the development becomes more streamlined and focused, free from unnecessary efforts.

Promote Efficient Development

By defining and clarifying terms and entities at the beginning of a project, the glossary helps to avoid the development of redundant or unnecessary features. Thus, it reduces wasted effort and resources, as all team members have a distinct and unified understanding of what each term or entity represents.

Support Effective Communication

Confusion in language not only makes development more difficult — it also impacts communication across the board. The glossary ensures that all team members, stakeholders, and even customer representatives have a mutual understanding of all terms related to the software. This level of clarity boosts communication efficiency and reduces confusion and misunderstandings, enhancing overall team collaboration.

Reduce Confusion

With 's glossary feature, teams can explicitly define frequently misunderstood or conflated terms and their synonyms. This minimises misconceptions and inconsistencies, ensuring everyone is always on the same page.

Easily Included in Configurable Exports

No more manual entry or redundancy. The glossary can be seamlessly included in 's highly configurable exports. Be it for building comprehensive documentation, user manuals, training materials or even for presenting to stakeholders, you can include the glossary with ease to make sure all your communications are clear, consistent and everyone comprehends every term you use in your software. This ensures no information is lost or misunderstood during critical knowledge transfers.

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