Featuring Acceptance Criteria

storywise provides the feature to append acceptance criteria to epics, stories, and tasks. This in-depth detail offers a comprehensive view of the requirements and outcomes of each step during development, improving the understanding of all stakeholders involved.

Inheritance of Criteria

's innovative inheritance feature allows acceptance criteria to be passed up or down the hierarchy of epics, stories, and tasks. This unique approach ensures that the relevant criteria are consistently available at all levels.

Accurate Development Roadmap

With acceptance criteria attached to every task, developers gain a more precise understanding of what is required in the development process. It is a roadmap that guides development efforts steadily in the right direction.

Expectation Management

Acceptance criteria serve as an agreement on what shall be delivered. Having the ability to review these criteria, customers are able to gain precise expectations of the final product. It is intended as a tool that helps to manage expectations and to improve customer satisfaction.

Free for small projects
is free for projects up to 100 stories