Seamless Integration with Jira

storywise offers a smooth synchronization with Jira. The moment a specification is finalized, it can be instantly transferred to Jira. All the details including descriptions, images, and acceptance criteria are moved, enabling your developers to kickstart the development process immediately.

Real-time Progress Visibility

With , you have real-time visibility into your project's progress. The platform tells you how many stories are completed and provides an estimate of the remaining duration based on the time assigned to each story.

Improved Estimation Accuracy

Although each story may take more or less time than initially estimated, the total effort across all stories tends to balance out, leading to overall estimation accuracy. It's a significant step towards effective project management and predictability.

Unprecedented Overview

provides an overview of your project that was not possible previously. By combining an intuitive interface with detailed metrics, it offers a high-level view of your project's status while retaining the granularity of individual tasks.

Free for small projects
is free for projects up to 100 stories