Many possibilities to connect to the outside world

REQIF File Import/Export

provides seamless integration with the widely-used REQIF format. You can import existing requirements from REQIF files, then later export them back to REQIF, ensuring compatibility with other tools and platforms that support this industry-standard format.

CSV Export for Local Jira Installations

Do you run Jira on-premises? No problem! Export your requirements and stories as CSV files for easy importing into Jira. This creates a smooth transition to development, even for on-premises installations.

Direct Jira Linking

Enjoy direct linking to Jira, providing an efficient and automated way to get your project started in the development environment. With incremental task updates, this direct connection ensures real-time synchronization and collaboration.

Figma Integration

Connect your Figma screens directly to your stories within . This integration facilitates better visualization and understanding of the UI/UX requirements, leading to a more cohesive design and development process.

Beautiful Specification Document Export

Need a formal specification document (Lastenheft, Pflichtenheft, Angebot)? Export your content as well-formatted DOCX or PDF files. It's not just a raw data export; it's a well-structured document ready to be shared with stakeholders.

Flexible Data Handling for Diverse Needs

Whether importing from industry-standard formats or linking directly to tools like Jira and Figma, provides multiple avenues to handle data. This flexibility ensures an efficient workflow, no matter your project's unique requirements or constraints.

Free for small projects
is free for projects up to 100 stories