Export to JIRA

With storywise, the transition from project kick-off to actual development has never been smoother. Export your project data directly into JIRA, ensuring your development team can hit the ground running.

Support for On-premise JIRA Server

No worries if you're using an on-premises installation of JIRA server. allows you to export your project data as a file which can then be imported into JIRA. This ensures that even without API access, your project progression will be really quick.

Direct JIRA Connection for Incremental Updates

Enjoy the convenience of incremental updates with a direct connection to JIRA. With just a click, you can update tasks without having to re-import or re-export data. It's a real-time bridge between your planning in and your execution in JIRA.

Enhanced Productivity and Transparency

Each of these features, in synergy with the others mentioned, contributes to a more efficient, transparent, and streamlined software development process. By ensuring seamless data flow from to JIRA, we empower your team to focus more on development and less on administrative overhead.

Free for small projects
is free for projects up to 100 stories