Tasks, Stories or whole Epics can be saved in the library and reused with a few clicks.

Streamlined Process with Library

In , a unique feature is the ability to maintain a library of all the epics, stories, and tasks that you create. Everything is saved, including children and their associated acceptance criteria, which allows for faster creation of offers with recurring elements.

Flexible Data Insertion

The library does not limit you to a specific data structure. You can choose to insert a complete epic with all associated data or you can opt to add a single story or task. This level of granularity gives you the control to organize and manage your data according to your needs.

Personalized Data Storage

Beyond just being a place to keep track of epics, stories, and tasks, the library in also serves as a personal data storage. You have the freedom to store your own data here, providing a centralized location for all project-related information.

Free for small projects
is free for projects up to 100 stories