Standardized ReqIF Format Support

storywise proudly supports the industry-standard Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF), enabling effective exchange and synchronization of requirement specifications across different tools and platforms. This open format is used by numerous software applications, allowing seamless interoperability and data transfer.

Compatibility with Various Programs

Thanks to the ReqIF format support, can import data from and export data to various popular software programs. This includes tools like IBM DOORS, Siemens Polarion, and PTC Integrity. 's compatibility ensures that you can edit and manage your data in the environment you're comfortable with.

Enhanced Features

While adopting the standardized format, also offers additional features not commonly found in other tools. These include AI-based proposal of new stories, automated database scheme generation, and GDPR relevance detection, among others. These added capabilities enhance the software requirements editing experience.

Balanced Functionality

acknowledges that other tools may offer features not currently supported by us. However, our focus remains on providing the best possible environment for editing software requirements. We believe in our capability to deliver a user-friendly and efficient platform, perfectly complementing and sometimes exceeding the offerings of other tools.

Free for small projects
is free for projects up to 100 stories