Specification Duplication and Versioning

The versioning feature in storywise allows for the creation of duplicate specifications. This powerful feature provides users the flexibility to either forge a new branch in their software development journey or to lock a specific version to prevent further changes, preserving a crucial reference point in the development timeline.

Closed Versions for Consistency and Comparison

Closed versions serve as immutable reference points that are invaluable in the software development process. You can publish these versions for one or more agencies, providing a solid foundation for comparing proposals and maintaining consistency.

New Versions for Critical Changes

Changes are a constant in software development. When something critical changes, creating a new version becomes as easy as a few clicks. This allows for clear distinction between different stages of the project, thus aiding in better management and tracking.

Version Comparison

's version comparison feature allows you to view different versions side-by-side. It enables you to easily spot the changes, contributing to effective project management and clear communication among the team.

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