Structured Data Storage

Helping to keep an overview and to create future specifications faster

Structured Data Storage

's structured data storage aids in storing data in a library. Tasks, stories, or entire epics can be stored here and can be loaded at the click of a button.

Inheritance of Acceptance Criteria

The inheritability of acceptance criteria (descending from epics to tasks and ascending from tasks) helps in eliminating the need for specifying individual values repeatedly, yet implicitly stating them.

Comparison of Multiple Versions and Offers

This setup allows comparing multiple versions and offers, reusing parts of offers, and linking features that can be turned on and off in the offer comparison, thereby automatically calculating the correct price.

Transparency in Costs for Providers

This feature is particularly interesting for providers as it allows them to clarify to customers the origins of costs and the levers that can be turned to alter the price.

Offer Comparisons for Companies and Public Institutions

This is also beneficial for tendering companies and public institutions as it enables them for the first time to compare offers. There is no other software known to us that specifically enables comparisons for software.

Free for small projects
is free for projects up to 100 stories