Cost Management

Clarity about the costs of individual software parts can help make more efficient budget decisions and identify potential cost savings.

Efficient Structuring with Epics and Stories

systematizes the software development workflow by sorting stories into overarching 'epics'. Each epic represents a broader feature or function, with the individual stories delineating the tasks needed to develop and implement it. This clear, hierarchical structuring makes it possible to easily visualize and understand the breakdown of the project's workload.

Flexible Feature Toggling

takes it a step further by enabling the linking of stories to individual features. Moreover, it offers the ability to turn features 'on' or 'off' which greatly contributes to flexible planning and allows users to adjust the development focus as needed.

Automatic Summation for Transparent Workload Assessment

Auto-summarization feature in provides a convenient snapshot of the cumulative work each epic entails. By seeing the total count of stories under each epic, users can instantly evaluate the workload for each functional area, aiding in accurate time and effort estimation.

Comprehensive Project Overview

provides a holistic view of the entire project scope by displaying all the stories that make up the software project. This helps users to gauge the overall scale of the endeavour and to understand what it will take to bring the project to completion.

Enabling Effective Cost Estimation and Management

Given the visibility into the workload and project timeline, users can estimate the costs associated with each feature more accurately. Whether adjusting feature prioritization or changing development tempo based on available resources, provides the bases for informed decisions, thus enabling effective cost management.

Free for small projects
is free for projects up to 100 stories