An Essential Toolkit for Smart Software Procurement

Reducing Costly Pitfalls in Your Software Procurement Journey

Cost Overview and Control

Streamline your budget and keep track of your software development expenses with . This platform allows an absolute clarity of costs, enabling you to steer the software development process more efficiently. The ability to visualize and predict your expenditure will save you from unexpected costs and helps you stay within budget.

Transparent Requirement Specifications

Ensure accuracy in what gets built with clear, precise, and mutually understood requirement specification documents. You can entrust the responsibility of preparing these to someone else, creating documents that leave no room for misunderstandings, thereby making sure your software is built exactly how you envisioned it.

Simplified Bidding Process

Invite potential software builders directly through our platform. It offers an interface where bidders can enter their estimated efforts, hourly rate, and other expenditures. This standardizes and simplifies the process of proposal submission, and avoids any communication shortcomings.

Effective Comparison and Selection

Easily compare and choose the best proposal. The unique feature of toggling different features on and off empowers you to play with various configurations and understand how it impacts the cost, thereby enabling efficient decision-making.

Enhanced Communication

Ensure clearer, more efficient communication throughout the bidding process with . Misunderstandings are significantly reduced as both contractors and specifiers use structured specifications, enabling smoother project progression.

Project Management Integration

Effortlessly integrate with project management tools such as Atlassian Jira. offers basic integration and data exchange features that make it easy to export or synchronize your project with your favorite Project Management Software, ensuring a seamless experience.

Confidence in Contractor Selection

The platform helps contractors showcase their capabilities in a structured manner, providing the software purchaser a detailed understanding of what to expect. This not only helps in a more informed selection but also increases faith in the project's success.

Free for small projects
is free for projects up to 100 stories