3/18/2024: staging-705

Bug tickets 🐞

  • The problem with creating a version of a new project, where an error occurred due to a missing ID in the mapping, has been resolved. 🛠️
  • Fixed an issue where the Free Forever license was marked as “purchased” when another license was acquired. Now, the buttons of the other licenses disappear automatically as soon as a paid license is bought and the change to Business in Stripe is correctly updated. 💼
  • Correct handling of the custom estimates in the Jira-Sync, which will no longer be treated as a currency. Precise export function ensured and external costs are converted correctly. 1€ is now correctly displayed as 1.00€. 💶

Features 🌟

  • Automated tests have been optimized further. ✔️
  • The existing frontend is also being successfully adapted to the new design, while maintaining all previous functions. 🔁