4/23/2024: staging-807

Bug Tickets 🐛

  • When adding “Rights” by pressing the enter key, the “Permission denied” message and 401 error no longer appear. 🚫🔐
  • When project access is missing, only the note “You have no access to this page, but you can switch to one of the following organizations to get access,” is displayed.🔒
  • The display of the “in progress” status during exports has been adjusted so that line breaks no longer occur, ensuring a reliable display. 🔄✔️
  • A project’s language change is now correctly processed and sent by the frontend, even if the project name is not changed. 🌐✅
  • The icon and the title on the dashboard are now visually appealing and neatly vertically aligned. 🎨🖌️
  • The icon and title on the dashboard are now properly vertically aligned. 📊
  • The scrolling behavior on the detail page has been fixed, which was previously affected by the displayed name page.🖱
  • Images without a title are now no longer displayed and stored as “null”, but as an empty string. The placeholder appears when displayed. 🖼️
  • The heading “Only for companies with less than 249 employees” has been changed to “less than 250 employees”. 💼
  • The description field is now bigger to provide a better user experience. ✍️
  • The size of the “Terms of Payment” field has been adjusted so that the “Save” button is now visible. The item “Tenant is visible for invitations to project” is now fully visible as well. 👀✅
  • The size of the project title field has also been increased to ensure better readability. 🔍✅

Features 🌟

  • The display that shows the AI suggestions has been updated and now displays the selected user stories or requirement texts. 🤖💬
  • All relevant components of the user story created by artificial intelligence (which includes the story itself, requirement text, description, acceptance criteria, estimates and tasks) are now marked with a corresponding AI icon. 📄🤖
  • It is now possible to link and separate sentences, allowing users to conveniently repair incorrectly split sentences. 🔗🔀
  • The functionality of the “Reload” button in Figma has been improved to ensure that changes are displayed correctly and in real time. 🔄🔮
  • The license page has been updated to avoid popup blocker issues in Firefox. Changed navigation and “Loading” overlay included.🚀
  • The system now has the ability to manage both user stories and requirements, with the designation changing accordingly in the wizard. 🖥️📚
  • The “I need help” and “Legal Notice” buttons now directly lead to the corresponding pages, instead of just the main page. 🆘⚖️
  • The ‘Finish registration’ form now includes an invisible and de-activated ‘Email’ field, to make it easier for users who use a password manager to save their password. 📝💼
  • The user interface has been updated to only display “Assign” in English and “Zuordnen” in German. 🎯
  • Users are now also allowed to hide sentences in the third step of the wizard. 🧙‍♂️🔍
  • Tooltips in Step 2 and 3 have been updated to minimize potential user confusion. ✅
  • The function of sentence splitting now takes place without the use of artificial intelligence. 👍
  • A new warning function has been added to the pricing and comparison display, which warns users when the total of sub-items exceeds the specified value. ⚠️💲
  • “Fixed Values” are now displayed with a lock symbol instead of ”~“. 🔒
  • Acceptance criteria can now be generated based on title and description through artificial intelligence. 🔴🎉